We are currently collaborating on several clinical and translational research projects with orthopedic surgeons from the Slocum Center for Orthopedics & Sports Medicine / Slocum Research & Education Foundation

Brian A. Jewett, MD

Brick A. Lantz, MD

Craig G. Mohler, MD

Steven N. Shah, MD

Erin Owen, MPH, Director of the Slocum Research & Education Foundation.


Additional ongoing translational and integrative physiological collaborations exist with researchers at:

Colorado State University 

Benjamin F. Miller, PhD & Karyn L. Hamilton PhD, RD, link to their lab


and the Unviersity of Oregon

Li-Shan Chou, PhD

Anita D. Christie, PhD

Carrie E. McCurdy, PhD


Statistical collaborations exist with researchers from the Oregon Research Institute

Keith Smolkowski, PhD

Lisa Strycker, MA